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Mobile Payments and Direct Operator Billing

At the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona the subject of mobile payment was discussed at length in several of the keynote sessions. See this post. However, there are several different approaches to payment via mobile platforms. Obviously the major banks are keen to get a share of the action – especially in terms of funds exchange and money transfer. The credit card companies are buddying-up to the big mobile payment vendors like Google Wallet. Even Facebook was flexing its muscle in the mobile money market last week.

Bizarrely, the operators often don’t get a look-in. Mobile money, mobile payment, mobile wallets all seem to be going the same way as apps i.e. over the top of the operators.

However, not everyone agrees that this is necessarily the best way. The operators obviously want a share of the action.

I popped over to the SLA Mobile booth last week and asked Philip Stanfield about his view on mobile money and direct operator billing.

(The audio player is below.  Please note that on slow connections this may take a few moments to load).  

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