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Head in the Clouds

By Jeffrey Peel

I’m delighted to be speaking at an Interactive Conference Panel at The London Conference on Cyberspace on November 2.  On Day 2 of the conference the International Chamber of Commerce presents a session on the changing business environment from solid state to the cloud environment.

This panel discussion will look at a variety of questions including: how the Cloud is changing how businesses and individuals use the internet; what are the anticipated benefits of Cloud services? Are companies becoming web-centric? Security and privacy concerns? Are there (policy) barriers to deployment of web-services?

The session Chair will be Steven Pattinson Chief Executive Officer, International Chamber of Commerce, London.

More information about the conference here.

You can also listen to this AudioBoo that outlines what will be happening at the conference.  In the podcast, Richard Burge, the CEO of Wilton Park hosts a discussion with John Duncan, senior UK diplomat and Special Representative for the London Conference on Cyberspace, and Ben Hammersley, Editor at Large of Wired magazine.

The speakers discuss why the UK government is holding an international conference on cyberspace, an environment where the traditional models of legislation and state action frequently don’t work. How can governments work with businesses, and the people behind the innovation and the development of digital media to ensure that they understand the issues and can help realise the opportunities that they present for their citizens? What are the pitfalls that governments need to avoid and how can the balance between freedom and security be managed?

Mobile Cloud: A Market Overview

In this video Jeffrey Peel, Managing Consultant at Quadriga Consulting, provides an overview of the Mobile Cloud market – and argues that the mobile cloud is transformational at a series of different levels.

He argues that ubiquitous access, combined with the rapid consumption of apps, is changing user perceptions of computing.  He also talks about the economic transformation of less developed economies by mobile technology.

In addition, Jeff illustrates how businesses need to embrace the ‘context richness’ of the interactive mobile cloud to offer new types of services to consumers.

This was the opening address at the first Mobile Cloud Summit in London’s Tech City.

In the second part of the video Jeff chats with Chris Moore of UK Trade & Investment and Chris Horn of Movirtu.

Business in a Hyper-Mobile Age

In this session Anne McCrossan, Founder and Director of Visceral Business, discusses the social dimensions of the mobile cloud. She’s joined by Social Enterprise expert Leon Benjamin; Mobile Analyst, Vishal Jain from 451 Group and Mark Richards of specialists, Make Positive.

Mobility, Teams, The Cloud and Collaboration

Panel discussion chaired by Jeffrey Peel of Quadriga Consulting with Brian Caulfield of DFJ Esprit, Ken Thompson, BioTeams Consultant and Chris Horn of Movirtu

Mobile Cloud: The Industry Perspective

Andy Burton of the Cloud Industry Forum provides the industry perspective in terms of the move to pervasive, mobile cloud computing.

Mobile Cloud and User Experience

Brian Hoadley, a UX Specialist, leads a panel discussion at Mobile Cloud Summit that includes Windahl Finnigan of Capgemini, James Clarke of Thin Martian and Jules Ehrhart of ustwo. The discussion focuses on the impact of pervasive mobile computing on user experience.

Mobile Cloud and Business Productivity

Richard Stephenson, CEO of Yudu, discusses how mobile cloud technologies will impact business productivity. He’s joined on the panel at Mobile Cloud Summit by Justin Pirie of Mimecast, David King, CTO of Logica and Nigel Stephenson of Juniper.

BBC’s Tim Weber Chairs Panel at Mobile Cloud Summit

Tim Weber, Business and Technology Editor, BBC Online leads a panel discussion focusing on how mobile cloud technologies will change business and society.

The panel includes Charles Armstrong, CEO of Trampoline Systems; Robert Marcus, Chairman and CEO of Quantum Wave Capital; Andrea Traversone, Partner, Amadeus Capital. In part 2 (separate video), Bill McCluggage, Deputy CIO, UK Government, joins the panel.

Part 2: (Please note – poor sound quality at the start of this video)

Mobile Cloud and Government

In this video Bill McCluggage, Deputy CIO UK Government, Cabinet Office, gives a keynote address at Mobile Cloud Summit.  Bill outlines the role that cloud and mobile technologies are already playing in government – and hints at how mammoth a task it is to implement change in such a vast ICT estate.

Capgemini UX Head Joins Mobile Cloud Summit Panel

Windahl Finnigan heads-up the Rapid Design Visualisation and User Experience team at Capgemini.

Her responsibilities include technical consulting, digital (including mobile) strategy, creative, digital branding, design, interface development, usability & accessibility, measurement & evaluation, user research, benchmarking and information architecture.

Needless to say, she’ll be a rather fabulous panellist to have in a session focused on mobile cloud user experience.

Windahl will join a session chaired by Brian Hoadley called The Evolution of the Mobile Cloud.

See the full agenda here…

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