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Who will win the Cloud Platform War?


OpenStack may have a role to play as app developers get worried about lock-in. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Over at GIGAOM they are debating who will win the platform war as ‘the new computing’ (i.e. mobile cloud) takes hold across the Internet.  As the article makes clear, “the cloud is the new operating system for enterprises and services are the new applications” (or did they get that last bit the wrong way round).

In any case, we take the point.  Mobile Cloud redefines everything.

GIGAOM debates which of the big cloud platform plays will win out. They weigh up the relative merits of Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google App Engine, and EMC.  The summary: just about all CTOs are using Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure is making headway, Google’s platform is too constraining and esoteric, and EMC owns the virtual private cloud space (which some argue isn’t really cloud).  Nothing new here then.

The conclusion of the article is that cloud apps are being locked in to platforms and that’s not a great thing.  So expect OpenStack to make a play.

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