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iPad is Apple’s ‘Hottest’ New Product


iPad - it's pretty but will it melt? (Photo credit: yto)

The chattering classes of the blogosphere think they have found an ‘issue’ with the latest Apple iPad (3). The product gets hot.  Very hot apparently.

According to one story that’s doing the rounds this morning, thermal imaging cameras confirm that – especially when used to play games – the device can get up to 116 degrees Fahrenheit (that is, of course, 47 degrees Celsius).

Apple, in typical fashion, is being a bit sniffy about the whole business – in the same manner as it summarily dismissed ‘issues’ relating to the antenna in the iPhone 4. But time will tell if this becomes a significant issue. Do let us know if – when you get your new iPad – the thing melts in the middle of some furious game-play.

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