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Funambol Launches Cross-Device Media Hub

Funambol has launched its new OneMediaHub solution – a cross-platform competitor to Apple’s iCloud. OneMediaHub is primarily designed to be a white label solution for mobile operators – allowing them to offer a competitive solution to so-called OTT (over the top) players such as Apple.  OneMediaHub is, in effect, a digital locker service that goes further than the contact syncing of Funambol’s original ‘personal cloud’ offering.

According to the firm, other personal clouds tend to be simple file repositories, only supporting one brand of device – and require manual updates. However, OneMediaHub enables providers “to offer a personal cloud that automatically secures user data and content on diverse mobile devices and computers, syncs them across devices, and allows easy sharing.”

OneMediaHub supports a wide variety of smartphones, tablets and computers and enables users to store their content on multiple devices in one cloud. A private, non white label version of the solution is available for download from the Apple and Android app stores – just search for OneMediaHub on the iStore or on Android Marketplace.  (We’ve tested it on iOS, by the way, and it loaded and synced contacts, pics and videos at first attempt).

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