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Plumbing, APIs and The Cloud

René Obermann Vorstandsvorsitzender der Deutsc...

René Obermann: Operators will need assistance from the ecosystem to create the smart mobile cloud pipe. Image via Wikipedia

In yesterday’s MWC keynotes on mobile cloud,  René Obermann, CEO of Deutsche Telekom, made clear that while operators are determined to innovate and to create their own mobile cloud assets – in a head-to-head battle with OTT players – they will still need assistance from the entire ecosystem of providers.

Obermann stated several times that he had no intention to allow the network to remain a dumb pipe. Needless to say, John Chambers, CEO of Cisco, who also spoke in the session, was of the view that smart pipes were required – and soon – to fuel the global consumer driven demand for cloud delivered services like low-latency gaming and monstrous volumes of video on demand.

I asked Michael Crossey of Aepona what he thinks about some of these issues and the role Aepona and others might play in helping to deliver the mobile cloud. Aepona has been a player in the plumbing/middleware of the telecoms sector for well over a decade.  Its heritage is in creating open APIs that expose difficult telco stuff to higher level application development environments. The company entered the payments and settlements space by acquiring Valista in 2009.  It also acquired Swedish based app server vendor, Appium, in 2007.

More recently the company reinvented itself as a player in mobile cloud – specifically helping operators monetize cloud and mobile services. So now the APIs that Aepona offer up to the apps, sit in the cloud.

You can listen to the interview using the player below (player may take a few moments to load on slow connections).  Please note, the player may not be visible on iOS devices.  Sorry.

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