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Logica CTO David King to Join Mobile Cloud Discussion

David King, CTO, Logica

We are delighted to announce that David King, CTO of Logica, will be taking part in an interactive discussion at Mobile Cloud Summit chaired by Quadriga Consulting’s Managing Director, Jeffrey Peel.  The discussion will focus on how business productivity applications and processes are being extended into the cloud and onto the mobile device.

Telcom service providers are determined to be cloud service providers, based on the unique selling point of network ownership and non-stop data centres. But understanding the business and service management needs of large enterprises in different sectors can be a challenge – often best met by leveraging an ecosystem with the right combination of sector expertise. A value chain is emerging with two distinct areas in which telcos can play: providers of cloud infrastructure platforms and networks to IT departments and businesses; aggregators of services, and providers of SaaS offerings to enterprise business departments.  This session will explore both options and discuss how enterprises, themselves, are influencing the debate.

David is an experienced CTO and CIO with Logica, the BBC and KPMG Consulting.  He provides board-level advice on technology alongside strategy to various industries including telecoms, media, broadcast, airline and leisure and leads the company’s cloud strategy. He is also called up to pass on due diligence and strategy for venture capital groups.

David is responsible for developing Logica’s technology strategy, as part of the business review for the overall company after having joined Logica as Global Telecoms’ CTO in 2004.  He is responsible for the technical direction and strategy of the group’s products and services.  The group provides the platforms for 65% of the world’s mobile messaging, and 3G video systems.  He was part of the management team which led the sale of the group to private equity owners, responsible for the technology aspects of the sale, covering the definition and presentation of the company’s technology, IPR and convergent market strategy.

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